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General Regulations of the Forum

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    on Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:23 am


    • 01. Respect is an essential thing. Even if your partner is not facing you, it does not relieve you of the responsibility to be respectful towards them. Defamatory, racist, sexual and other breaches of the code of ethics will be severely punished.

    • 02. Once again, no sexual images or roleplaying. Upon breaking this rule the moderator does not require to give you a warning before banning you. This means you will get banned instantly.


    • 01. The username must match your character's name. In case you have given yourself a different name such as your alias, staff will change it for you. It doesn't have to be your full name however, if your first name is not taken already.

    • 02. Every account has an unique face claim. Pick your appearance wisely for the only way to change it is through a tedious quest. Check out the Face Claim list to see which ones are already being used. Using different avatars that are not your Face Claim will result into docks of your warning bar, and eventually a ban.

    • 03. Members are allowed to have multiple characters, but each character requires a separate account.

    • 04. Each character starts as a human. It is possible to become another race through IC quests or to unlock the rights to create a character with a different race from start. Users that have completed such quests can purchase a Soul Coin which allows them to create a new character with the unlocked race as their starter race.

    • 05. When a character dies the account will get locked after a couple of days. The account will get unlocked at any given moment when the character is somehow revived. Other users can revive dead users sometimes through tedious quests and expensive items.


    • 01. A minimum of three solid sentences (or 100 words) excluding dialogues are required for a social roleplay post to be considered as accepted. Remember that you write for yourself, but also for others. So be sure to write the correct way.

    • 02. Characters can only be in five topics at the same time. These topics must be in the same town. So it is possible to be going on a mission in one topic, while having a romantic dinner in another topic as long as it's in the same town. Once you leave a town you must exit all your topics in that town first.

    • 03. It is not allowed to double post. It is only allowed to double post if you have to skip another roleplayer who hasn't posted in 3 days.

    • 04. You're not allowed to edit your post unless your roleplay partner(s) allow(s) it. If your character is fighting another character, you should not edit your posts without asking your opponent first. This is to ensure that people are not editing their posts after making a mistake to get an advantage. Think twice before you post.

    • 05. Do not metagame. Metagaming can be defined as any out of character action made by a player's character which makes use of knowledge that the character is not meant to be aware of. Roleplay with your character based on the information given in the application.

    • 06. Do not change the personality of your character whenever you see fit. If your character is serious and never makes jokes do not make a topic in which he goes out cracking jokes.

    • 07. It is mandatory that you separate the actions, thoughts and other things for your character, using colors, dashes, quotes, or anything else that serves for this purpose.

    • 08. When doing requests solo, the user is allowed to spread out their request over multiple posts but each post needs a minimum of 500 words. This minimum does not apply when doing requests with others.


    • 01. The forum has three danger modes for topics: green, orange and red.

    • 02. In general all topics on the forum are considered green danger. Green danger means that there is no chances of death. When your endurance runs out you simply pass out. The same goes for getting placed in a situation in which you'd normally die such as getting stabbed in the neck. So don't be afraid to battle and lose.

    • 03. Sometimes a topic can be marked as orange. Orange danger means that permanent damages are possible but there are no chances of death. When a character loses they will have some form of injury applied to their body that will last. This could be a missing arm or a blinded eye.

    • 04. The final danger level is red and it is rarely used. Red danger means that death is enabled. When a character suffers enough injuries and their endurance drops they will die. The same goes for life threatening situations such as getting stabbed in the heart. Some plot threads might be deadly (red) but this information will be placed somewhere very visible for the possible visitors to read so that they enter at their own discretion.

    • 05. The orange and red danger level can be used by members if they don't wish to have the topic set on green. If that's the case they must have it in the topic title within brackets such as [Orange] or [Red]. Users may not change the danger level after the topic has been made. This is to prevent users from turning an innocent topic into a massacre.


    • 01. We try to govern the battles with our mana pools and systems but there is another essential key is required which is fair play. It is obvious that characters get tired anyway in their battles. This is why we ask our members to be humble in this process and logical. It is not important to win constantly. Defeat is an integral part of any character development.

    • 02. In those cases that a dispute occurs, the moderators and administrators will serve as arbitrator. Try to be mature, if the mentioned arguments clearly show that you're not right, don't get a moderator or administrator involved. In some cases it might even result into an punishment of yourself for unnecessarily involving moderators.

    • 03. Death is possible if both parties agree that it is a possibility in the thread. Some plot threads might be deadly (red) but this information will be placed somewhere very visible for the possible visitors to read so that they enter at their own discretion.


    • 01. Each user may select a faction they wish to join when they create their character or select to go rogue.

    • 02. Each faction has something that makes them different. Read about them to make right the choice.

    • 03. In case a faction gets too popular it will get temporarily locked so that other factions may receive members as well. This will be announced in the widgets so please keep an eye on them when making your character.

    • 04. In order to become a member of a Magic Knight faction, the user must simply state it in their character application.

    • 05. When breaking the rules of the guild, the Master is also capable of punishing you and eventually remove you from their faction.  

    • 06. It is not possible to switch between Magic Knights factions.

    • 07. It is not possible to create your Magic Knights faction.


    • 01. The Advertisement forum on the forum is the only section where it is allowed to advertise.

    • 02. In case the Advertisement section of the other forum is not guest friendly the advertisement will be removed.

    • 03. Reposting an advertisement or bumping an advertisement can only be done after a month. Other users posting the same advertisement within a month is also not allowed and will result in all ads getting removed from that forum, including bans.


    • 01. The forum reserves the right to ban unwanted users at any time. This includes users who are violating the rules or have another agenda than having fun on this forum.

    • 02. Bans are often character wide. This means that if you get banned on one of your characters, all your characters will get banned. In some cases a single character ban might be considered enough punishment.

    • 03. When you get warned in the chatbox you must have shown certain behavior that was not considered acceptable. Refrain from doing so, continuing will result into a chatbox ban.

    • 04. Do not defend a member when they get banned from the forum/chatbox or question a staff member's actions. This is not appreciated and might get you a warning as well. Members who have been banned have the opportunity to appeal their cases themselves. Further drama is not tolerated.


    • 01. Do not start drama or get into an argument. If something happens simply screenshot it and PM it to the founder. If the other person was actually breaking the rules, they'll get banned. If you are trying to get some banned for no reason, you'll get banned. If you both seem to be the cause of trouble, you'll both get banned.

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